BSMT Student Selected as Thai Youth’s Role Model by DTAC
Chairman of Shinawatra University
Academic Collaboration with University of Warsaw
Academic Collaboration with Southwest Jiaotong University
PhD(MS) & MBA @ Mandalay

International Partners

SIU Success Stories

Warintorn2 MTEIL Student Winning GRAD FORUM Scholarship at National University Singapore
By Warintorn kachendecha Recently this year, I won NUS research scholarship to present my paper on “Engaging Thai Learners to English Language Learning by Using Culturally-Themed Lessons” at the 7th...
6 Top SIU Student at International Platform
With Shazia and Kainaz, Malala’s friends.   With Malala’s Nigerian friends and her mother.   In front of Telenor Expo, with a post board of  the Telenor Youth Summit.   Attended Nobel Peace Prize ceremony.   Groupfie...
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