School of Management

The School aims to encourage students to become well-rounded, innovative and lateral thinking entrepreneurs who are truly ready to compete in the digital economy. Students are given opportunities and encouragement to practise their leadership skills and challenged to find new approaches to apply to business successfully. They are equipped with skills in trending technology, communications and all updates needed for future placements. In addition, the School has been recognized in various published papers and research at postgraduate level. Faculty of the School support students self-study and lifelong learning to ensure the latter’s success in career and personal objectives once they graduate.

Leading Faculty- School of Management

Dr. Fuangfa Amponstira

Dean, School of Management.

Mr. Dai Chao

Assistant to the President
Shinawatra University

Mr. Ting Yu

International Executive Advisor
Shinawatra University

Dr. Eksiri Niyomsilp

Assistant Dean , School of Management
(Administration and Student Affairs)

Dr. Sarana Photchanachan

Assistant Dean , School of Management
(Academic Affairs)

Dr. Wannaporn Buddhapoompitak

Assistant Dean , School of Management
(Educational Quality Assurance and Academic Services)

Dr. Wasin Phromphitakkul


Dr. Manoch Prompanyo


Dr. Somrerk Kanwivat


Dr. Naris Penpokai


Doctor of Business Administration in Management

Course Curriculum

Career Path

Executive in Private and Non-Profit Organization
Executive in Public and Private Sector
Professor, Academician, Researcher in Education Institute
Researcher in Public and Private Organization
Technical Staff in Non-Government Agency
Independent Entrepreneur

Doctor of Philosophy Program in Management

Course Curriculum

Career Path

Business Researcher

Technical Staff in Management Science

Management Policy and Problem Analyst

Management Consultant

Middle and Top Executive

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