About Shinawatra University

Shinawatra University (SIU) is an international university in Thailand. It was established in response to the current needs of educating the young people to keep up with the global trends and the rapid changes in working culture, thinking and ways of doing things. To achieve the above objectives, the university has given importance to the selection of faculty, the creation of university buildings, dormitories, library, and communication networks so that study facilities, including the environment, can promote the learning atmosphere. Living comfort is emphasized to support learning and self-development.

At present, the university consists of students and faculty from over 30 nationalities. These diversities have greatly contributed different kind of cultures and interchanging of philosophy and ideas within the community.


  • To provide multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, and professional programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels to meet life-long learning needs.
  • To undertake pure and applied research as well as creative endeavors which are consistent with the standards of academic excellence and management achievements.
  • To offer academic assistance for public services and economic development and to offer technical-assistance activities designed to address the strategic needs of Thailand.
  • To provide comprehensive professional and management development programs and continuing education.
  • To strengthen the private sector through cooperative programs, research, collaboration, and services.

University’s Emblem

Symbol of the University appears in arm shape with a sun in the middle means academic matter that brings body of knowledge by using research as a tool. It also represents passing on body of knowledge including cognitive studies, ethics and physical studies to youth in higher education.

Orange: A start up with research to reinforce wisdom.
Grey: Disciplines to preserve virtue.
Green: Integrity of life for creative community and world society.