School of Management (Bachelor’s Degree)

The School of Management aims to encourage students to become well-rounded,

innovative and lateral thinking entrepreneurs who are truly ready to compete in the digital economy. Students are given opportunities and encouragement to practise their leadership skills and challenged to find new approaches to apply to business successfully. They are equipped with skills in trending technology, communications and all updates needed for future placements. In addition, the School has been recognized in various published papers and research at postgraduate level. Faculty of the School support students self-study and lifelong learning to ensure the latter’s success in career and personal objectives once they graduate.

Why choose us?

  • Create Professional Executives … Towards Global Business Change
  • Learning from Professional
  • Sophisticated Analytical Thinking using Case Studies
  • International Student Exchange Program in Europe (e.g. Germany, Poland Switzerland etc.)

Pedagogy or Specialization

Focusing on student centered learning and study from real situations and case studies. Encourage students to analyze the problems logically.


Create Professional Executives … Towards Global Market Change


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  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (International Program)

Career Path

  • Business Owner, Independent Professional, Private Business
  • Human Resource Management Professional
  • Organizational Development Professional
  • Officer in Public and Private Financial Institute
  • Officer in Organization in Thailand or Abroad

Research Clinic

Research Clinic is an activity that contributes to the exchange of knowledge between faculty members and research expertise as well as an opportunity for students to gain knowledge and valuable experience from the visiting professor. Professor Josu Tankala, Dr. Tech. Professor of Production Economics, University of Vaasa, Finland Academic Seminar – Research clinic, the guest speaker is from University of Vaasa, Finland, Prof. Josu Tankala. He is Dr. Tech. Professor of Production Economics.

Company visit project

Company visit project exists to bring learning to life through unique and exciting hands-on field experiences and aims to enhance the educational lives of students. It is a good opportunity for students to gain knowledge and valuable experience from leading companies in Thailand such as Osotspa Co.,Ltd. / Tan Land / The Sukhothai Bangkok Hotel / PTT Public Company Limited.

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