On 18 Nov 2016, The Next Real II course held the forum; The NEXT Building Tech at Shinawatra 3 Building. This forum presented by Mr. James Duan, CEO of Fragrant Property PLC, the sustainable leader of region’s eco-innovative property firm., Asst. Prof. Dr. Jatuwat Varodompun, CEO of Smart Green Building Network Co., Ltd., expert of green building and LEED AP and Dr. Martin Schoch, Lecturer of School of Management Technology, Shinawatra University, expert of measurement and evaluation DGNB from Germany.

Dr. Martin has presented the sustainable buildings ‘Pruksa+’. This project is the cooperation with Pruksa PLC (Thailand leading real estate property developer). Pruksa+ House has been designed with the sustainable criteria examples;
– Barrier Free Design to suit all living such as elder and disable people.

– Internal thermal insulation – insulated frames

– Rain Water Harvesting (and Flood Preventing)

– Material usage concerned with Non Toxic – Low Emission Product, Decommission and Recycle-ability, Local product and Low Environment Impact

– Implementation of Air Tightness and Hybrid Ventilation Concept

– Energy Supply with 5 KW Solar Power and keep house cooling with 1000 L Ice Storage

Pruksa+ House will be measured and evaluated by the DGNB from Germany for the Platinum Certificate.