International Partners

University of Warsaw

University of Warsaw is the most prestigious of the Republic of Poland and was ranked within the top 200 university in the world by the QS ranking. The strength of the University of Warsaw is that the university has a long history of excellence in education with education conducive environment. The students have great opportunity to develop their professional career

Each academic year, University of Warsaw enrolls 60,000 students. The university offers a large number of programs including humanity, social science, and natural science. In addition, there are more than 20 programs taught in English which are popular among students from Spain, Germany, Italy, France, and Turkey. University of Warsaw has cooperation agreements with more than 150 institutions worldwide.

Shinawatra University and University of Warsaw signed the academic cooperation MOU on July 25, 2014.


The University of the West of England

The University of West England is the top-tier university that was ranked number 8 in UK in terms of employment since 95% of the graduates was employed within 6 months after graduation. The education pedagogy of UWE emphasizes collaborative learning, the research that meets economic and social needs of UK, the use of technology that support the academic delivery. UWE offers many academic programs that meet the vocational and professional careers skill requirements.

Shinawatra University and University of Western England signed the academic cooperation MOU on October 24, 2014.


Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences

Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences is the most important education institute in the south eastern region of Bavaria, Germany. It is a reputable international university in applied sciences. Rosenheim University emphasizes the learning from practice in the real environment.  Small class size so that students can focus on the application of technology, skill training, workshop in the  well-equipped laboratory  Students would have chance of enrolling in a cooperative education with industrial partners so as to learn from the research projects and actual projects that will stimulate the capability to work as a team member.

Shinawatra University and Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences signed the academic cooperation MOU on October 9, 2012.


European University

European University is a network of advanced campuses  with main campus in Geneva and other campuses in Montreux, Switzerland; Barcelona , Spain; Munich, Germany; European University offers programs in business management, communications and public relation, recreational business, tourism management, finance, sport management, international relation, entrepreneur, and e-business.  The university offers small class size and dynamic learning environment. Students can participate in discussion, and other learning activities. European University maintains an active student exchange program with other education institution around the world including United States, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Mexico, Brazil, Kasha Stan, Canada, and Russia.

Shinawatra University and European University of Applied Sciences signed the academic cooperation MOU on October 12, 2012.


Southwest Jiaotong University

Southwest Jiaotong University (SWJTU) was founded in 1896 and is one of China’s oldest higher education institutions. Known as the cradle of China’s railway engineers and “the Cornell of the East”, SWJTU is the birthplace of China’s modern education in transportation, mining & metallurgy and civil engineering. Thus far, the number of graduates from the university has reached nearly 300,000. The alumni include 57 academicians recognized by national governments, top research institutions and academies from both home and abroad.

SWJTU is situated in Chengdu, capital of southwest China’s Sichuan province. The university has a total area of approximately 333 hectares and has three campuses.