Message from Chairman of SIU Council

Graduation Address
SIU University Council Chairman Mr. Paron Israsena
Graduation Ceremony Shinawatra University
Friday, 13th November 2020

Members of the University Council, Mr. President, university executives, faculty members, parents, honored guests, and graduates:

It is my great pleasure to welcome you all to this prestigious Graduation Ceremony at Shinawatra University today. Firstly, I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations on the well-deserved success and my best wishes to all the graduates.

This year marks the twenty-first anniversary of the University’s foundation and its sixteenth graduation ceremony. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to share my views to our graduates, parents, friends and families.

As we all understand, graduation is a part of the process of lifelong learning. You are now crossing the threshold into this new part of your journey in life. However, everything in the world is dynamic. With the new normal ways of life and online learning around the globe under the widespread threat of Covid-19, as you continue along your career path, you will need to unlearn the obsolete ways of doing things, challenge your abilities and beliefs, disrupt yourself, and adapt to the changing world. That means you need to learn, unlearn and relearn, stay current and move forward, pay attention to passion of learning in order to reach the summit of your career and your life.

Obviously, you can currently see that disruptive technologies have paved the way for the world of tomorrow. Things have changed drastically. Thus, it is very exciting and sometimes quite daunting. Active learners need to learn these new technologies and apply this knowledge to merge into their lifestyle and behaviors. In order to make the right decisions in the world of digital disruptions, the skills of critical thinking and media literacy are important and necessary.

On a larger scale, I would like to reiterate the significance of healthcare for all, prevention and cure of deadly diseases, for instance, Covid-19, sustainable development, and saving our planet for future generations. The current ecological crisis all over the world drives us to go green and care more for our ecological environment. Solar energy, wind energy, crop rotation, efficient water fixtures, and green space are still the leading models for us to follow. We, therefore, need to stay motivated, think globally, and act locally.

Finally, let me end my remarks with my sincere wishes for all of you, my dearest graduates of Shinawatra University, every success and happiness in life, work, business and your chosen profession. Once again, congratulations! May you all succeed and prosper in your work and life.

Thank You.