Outstanding Alumni

Dr. Purinet Buasap, CEO, Electrical Systems Business and Type Tested Switchboards, Outstanding Alumni from the School of Management.

Shinawatra University truly encourages students to accept the differences of opinion. The university even has learning environments that motivate students to develop themselves. These environments are fostered by lecturers and friends which activate students to be creative and witty at work.

“What I earned since my first day in the classroom can still be used in my work today, and I’m so grateful every time I think of studying at Shinawatra University,” said Dr. Purinet Buasup.

Dr. Purinet Buasup received her PhD. degree in Management, the School of Management. She is the executive director of EMEC CO., LTD., an electrical systems provider, and the executive director of EMEC AND INNOVATIONTECH CO., LTD., a manufacturer and distributor of Type Tested Switchboards from the EATON brand.

Dean, Shaanxi Technical College of Finance and Economics, Alumni from the School of Management.

“My professional knowledge and skills have been greatly improved when I was in the School of Management because of the excellent teaching teams, teaching equipment and instrument and good campus environment. Thanks to the university for giving me the opportunity to continue my education.”

As an alumna, Professor Yuan Dong graduated from the School of Management in the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Program in Management. With an outstanding teaching career in Shaanxi Province, she served as the dean of Business School in Shaanxi Technical College of Finance and Economics. She also won many honorary titles, such as ‘Advanced Individual of Teachers Ethics’, ‘Young Educational Expert’ in Shaanxi Province, among others.

Chairman and director of Brain Box Acumen School of Management, a leading educational institution in Myanmar, alumni from the School of Management.

“I would like to say that it is the center of international culture because students from all over the world study at Shinawatra University. It is also a research-oriented university, making it ideal for students interested in research. The School of Management is excellent for those who want to get into business administration. As I was interested in management and research, Shinawatra taught me the best I could.”

Dr. Soe Myint Than graduated with the Doctor of Philosophy degree in Management, the School of Management. He is the Director and the Principal of Brain Box Acumen School of Management, in Myanmar.


SIU Graduate Receives 15 Million Baht Funding from Top Firm

“In the past, I thought that studying business program was boring. Until I joined a business program of study at Shinawatra University, my mindset has totally changed then. Learning at Shinawatra University is not focused only from the textbooks, learning environment here has encouraged students’ entrepreneurial spirit that can’t value in Baht but a precious experience.”

Mr. Thanaphol Peetaphanpaiboon, another young entrepreneur who graduated from School of Management. He is one of team members inventing Ranch Run and Candy Meleon, iOS games that received over 15 million Baht funding from Intouch Company.

Won Prizes at National Computer Programming Competition – Pursue Higher Degree at University of Oxford

“During my undergraduate years at SIU, I was exposed to a distinguished curriculum and excellent facilities. In addition, I was surrounded with professors with extensive teaching and professional experience. I excelled in my studies and gained a solid academic foundation in computer science. Beyond my studies, I was provided with the opportunity to participate in many extra curricular activities. I was encouraged by one of the faculty members to start my first research paper during my junior year. Altogether, the knowledge I gained from classes and those activities were an excellent preparation for computer science.”

Ms. Natchaya (PinPin) Kijmongkolcha graduated from bachelor’s degree in computer science program, School of Information Technology. She has won many prizes in computer programming at various national competitions and currently pursuing her master’s degree in Computer Science at the University of Oxford.


Innovator Attends The Noble Prize Award Ceremony

“I was among 50 students who received Thaicom Foundation’s scholarship. I feel so fortune to have an opportunity to study at a university where faculty and staff are so skillful. Shinawatra University offers trendy facilities and technology together with small-size class which advantages students to learn, participate and demonstrate their talents at maximum capability. As I was long way from home (Pattani province) it was not a barrier but encourage my eagerness to participate both off-class and in-class activities. While I studied there, I felt inspired to adapt management technology helping widows’ self-employment in 3 southern provinces.”

Ms. Asma Naksewee recently earned her bachelor’s degree in Management Technology and was 1 of 2 Thai students who selected by Telenor Group to attend the Noble Peace Prize awarding ceremony 2014 in Oslo, Norway.

Inventor in English Teaching Technique Published in Germany

“I remember when I was a student at Shinawatra University, I was indoctrinated and grew up in environment that suits for learning and doing off-class activities. That has inspired me to invent a new approach in English teaching “Language Equation” which recently has been published by Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany distributing worldwide. From the day I was a student at Shinawatra University to today that I am a lecturer in this outstanding university, every steps have given me memorable experiences.”

Mr. Sakulkaew Kaewmulkit received his bachelor’s degree in computer science program, School of Information Technology. He has invented a new set of knowledge in English teaching technique and is currently a lecturer at Shinawatra University.


SIU Shaping New Generation Entrepreneur to Global Business

“I remembered when I first was stepped into my higher education, I started at zero. At Shinawatra University, the place where diversified learning from others had given me great support and inspired me to become a finally successful business person as I am today. Shinawatra University has clearly encouraged my rational and creative thinking skills add up with a strong will has challenged me for broader business world.”

Mr. Surin Thongkham, a graduate from School of Management. Mr. Surin is currently a victorious entrepreneur who owns a trademark company and financial transaction firm in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


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