Energy and Climate Change

2.1 Energy efficient appliances usage (EC.1)

LED lights were replaced at the main road of main campus, including at UCL-1 meeting room and lecture room, including LED projectors

2.2 Number of renewable energy sources in campus (EC.3)

1 source (Rooftop Solar Equipment)

2.3 Specify renewable energy sources in campus and provide capacity produced in kilo watt hour

 Solar Power (Solar hot water system reduces electrcity usage by 5% or 6,500 KWH)

2.4 Electricity usage per year (in kilo watt hour)

1,563,360 KWH per 12 months

2.5  The total electricity usage divided by total campus population (kWh per person)


(130,000 KWH / 1000 person = 130 KWH per person) (130,000 KWH x 4 baht/KWH = 520,000
baht/month / 1000 person = 520 baht/person/month)

2.6 Elements of green building implementation as reflected in all construction and renovation policies (EC.6)

 > 3 elements
Pond cooling system, Microclimate modification, Fresh air system, Building Envelope
EIFS & Heat-stop, Skylink

2.10 Greenhouse gas emission reduction program (EC.7)

Gas emission reduction policy has done by encourage staff and students for do not set a fire inside the campus

2.11 Please provide total carbon footprint (CO2 emission in the last 12 months, in metric tons)

1,357.5 metric ton per year

2.12 The total carbon footprint divided by total campus population (metric ton per
person) (EC.8)

 > 1.11 – 2.05 metric ton