5.1 Number of cars actively used and managed by University

6 cars

5.2 Number of cars entering the university daily

103 cars daily

5.3 Number of motorcycles entering the university daily

39 motorcycles daily

5.4 The ratio of total vehicles (cars and motorcycles) divided by total campus population

>=0.125 to 0.5 (one vehicle serves for three to eight people)

Formula: (5.1+5.2+5.3)/(1.12+1.14)

148/960 = 0.15

5.5 Shuttle service (TR.2)

Shuttle service is provided by University, regular, and free

5.6 Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) policy on campus (TR.3)

Zero Emission Vehicles are available, and provided by university for free

5.7 Average number of Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) on campus per day

36 bicycles (16 bicycles plus additional 10 staff bikes and 10 new purchases).

5.8 The ratio of Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) divided by total campus population

> 0.02 (one vehicle serves for more than twenty-two people)

Formula: (5.10)/(1.12+1.14)

36/960 = 0.03

5.9 Total parking area (m²)

2,330 sq.m

5.10 Ratio of parking area to total campus area (TR.5)

1% – 4%

Formula: ((5.12/1.5)*100%)

2,330/83,474 = 2.79%

5.11 Pedestrian path policy on campus (TR.8)

Pedestrian paths are available, design for safety, convenient, and in some part
disabled- friendly features.

5.12 Approximate daily travel distance of a vehicle inside campus only (in Kilometers)

2 km.